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Enjoy the open "theater" of the bread bakers, where you can watch hand-shaping and loaves baking in an imported French hearth oven. As our bread bakers pull crackling, crusty loaves from their hot steamy chamber they will be happy to tell you about what they have baked that day. And we will have delicious slices for you to taste.  Here is a list and description of some of our variety of artisan breads.

We use only the finest ingredients for our breads, in which purity and simplicity are cherished, we use­ all-natural flour, purified water and sea salt.

All are breads are made with artistry in the classical French and German traditions. The hallmark of our breads is the long cool fermentation of the doughs - a method that was used in European bakeries decades ago. That is why you will experience wonderful aroma, great flavors and freshness that lasts!