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Call to reserve your Easter Pastries and Breads (shown, Chocolate Egg Torte) 248-601-1542

Hot Cross Buns! Available beginning Wednesday, February 18th through Saturday, April 4th (day before Easter)! A traditional treat, with golden and dark raisins, sugar and spice! Delicious! Stop in or call to reserve!


  Easter Pastries! Scrumptious Buttercream Nests, mini or individual-size, chocolate or raspberry!

Bread...."For thousands of years across diverse climates and geographic regions, bread has been the primary food of sustance. Europeans delight in the regional differences between loaves. Bread has factored in political decisions, wars, religions, and social entertainment for millenia, and has always been thought of as a great giver of life. In this country, in recent centuries, industrial baking facilities replaced traditionally baked bread with preservative laden loaves. Taste, texture, and ingredients were abandoned in favor of enriched flour, plastic bags, preservatives and chemicals which may have extended the shelf-life.

At Give Thanks, we bake traditional European breads, made with all-natural starters and with recipes that have stood the test of time. They are part of the fabric of history and humanity that has woven civilizations together and made daily life that much more enjoyable. Why not make each day that much better with a really good loaf? Try eating good bread for a week, and see what it does for your happiness and quality of life." (written by Joelle, one of our customers!)

  This week, may we recommend our French Crusty dinner rolls or our awesome Swiss Multigrain Bread...a 7-grain loaf, complex carbohydrates...our best selling bread!